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We are all experienced specialist primary science teachers who appreciate the pressures of everyday life in school. We are passionate about nurturing a love of science in children and supporting teachers to deliver excellent science with confidence.

Eleanor Atkinson

Eleanor Atkinson
07956 518776

Eleanor has a wealth of experience within primary science education.  She taught for 16 years across the full primary age-range in mainstream and ASD/EBD schools.  She has worked as a Leading Teacher of Science for Bolton LA, and is experienced in delivering high quality exemplary lessons and workshops in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In November 2014 Eleanor was awarded Primary Science Teacher of the year! She was also successful in gaining the GOLD primary science quality mark for her school in 2013.

“As part of Primarily Science I am proud to offer a range of exciting workshops along with one-off bespoke visits. I can plan days to suit any particular theme or event. A flexible approach to suit your timetable and careful liaison ensures a specially tailored day suited to the needs of your children and staff. If no particular theme is desired, I can do my own thing! I have plenty of ideas and engaging activities up my sleeve. The aim, as always with Primarily Science, is to engage children (and those young at heart) with Science and the amazing world around us.”

Kate Blacklock

Kate Blacklock
07791 046857

Kate  is a Primary Teacher at heart with an enthusiasm for all things science. Her teaching experiences have seen her working in the United Kingdom and abroad with various roles including Deputy Head and Science Subject Leader. She worked as a teacher adviser for Primary Science in ‘Education Excellence’ in Lancashire where she became a senior team leader.

Kate has extensive experience in the delivery of support services for primary teachers, including a range of courses, conferences and tailored in-school support.

Kate also held the role of Primary Development Leader with the North West Science Learning Centre in Manchester Metropolitan University where she was responsible for the development and delivery of the CPD programme for the National network of Science Learning Centres across the country. Kate has presented at local, regional, national and international level providing creative ideas in a wide variety of settings. She is also an active member of the Association for Science Education and has co-written several primary science curriculum materials for Key Stage 1 and 2 including ‘Discovery Dog’, ‘Problem Pup’, ‘Scruff’ transition pack, Science Enquiry Games for 4-7 years and a host of lessons ideas to use in primary science. She is still excited by the teaching and learning of science.

Debbie Eccles

Debbie Eccles
07738 707415

Debbie keeps busy producing new primary science resources, providing consultancy, and delivering science courses, school based CPD and conference Key notes and workshop sessions. She is also a Primary Programme Leader for STEM Education North West.

During her teaching career Debbie has held a number of roles including science co-ordinator and deputy head. Following this she held Local Authority Primary Science Advisory roles in two Local Authorities and continues to work in these and numerous others.

Debbie has contributed to a range of innovative and well received resources, including “Discovery Dog” and “Problem Pup” and most recently with other members of the Primarily Science team and Anne Goldsworthy on the Enquiry Games 4-7 pack.

She is a member of North West Association of Science Education committee. She regularly presents at both regional and national ASE conferences. She has recently contributed to ‘ASE Guide to Primary Science Education’.

Tanya Shields

Tanya Shields
07801 706894

Tanya started her career as a primary teacher in North Lincolnshire. Whilst in school she had a range of responsibilities including senior leadership and science subject leader. She could also be found stood out in the cold at numerous netball, cross-country and athletics inter-school events.

Tanya is also a Professional Development Leader at the National STEM Learning Centre has previously worked as an advisory teacher at the University of York with CIEC Promoting Science.

Tanya has worked on a number of projects and publications including; AZSTT – Discussions in Primary Science, NZASE Primary Science Conferences – New Zealand, BA CREST Star Investigators, The Puppets Project, Primary Science: A Guide to Teaching Practice (2011), Science Enquiry Games (4-7 years) Pack and most recently worked on the Pearson Scheme of work ‘Science Bug’.

If you are looking for in school support, whole school CPD or something completely different please do not hesitate to contact us on for further information.

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